In the heart of Italy, exists a region, the Marche, known for the longevity of its inhabitants. Tucked away in a small area of this region is a territory that was the Duchy of Montefeltro during the Renaissance. It is here that we offer you the opportunity to find a home away from home without all the hassles of going through the complications of Italian bureaucracy.

It is a land rich in culture and extraordinary landscape. From mile to mile, colours and scents change continually. Spectacular mountains transform into beautiful hills and breathtaking countrysides, all caressed by the crystalline waters of the Adriatic Sea. Every day the emotions of discovering velvet seashores, uncontaminated nature, antique villages, historic treasures and the opportunity to participate in musical, artistic, cultural and culinary events are possible. It is a relaxing, fulfilling way of living everyday life.

Buying a second home here would be a very good investment but not only that. Only a few hours from where you now live, you can enjoy long, relaxing holidays and are guaranteed the possibility of sharing in the natural and cultural riches of this land.

The apartments, houses and villas that we propose have been very carefully selected to offer you the best possible quality/price ratio. Our team of experts assures you of qualified assistance throughout all the purchase transactions including furnishing you with all the information and help with the Italian building laws regarding your properties to the final acquisition, and if needed helping you with everything possible to make your house a home.